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Tirupur Runners Marathon 2024

Tirupur Runners Marathon 2024 - 1 Edition

Event On - 17th Mar 2024



Established in 2014, the Tirupur Runners is not just a running club; it’s a community that embodies the spirit of health and vitality in Tirupur. What started as a passion project by a small group of individuals united by their love for running has evolved into a dynamic force, shaping the fitness landscape of the city.

From its humble beginnings, the Tirupur Runners have seen a remarkable journey of growth. What once began with a few enthusiasts has now flourished into a vibrant community of 140 members. Each member is a testament to the club’s ethos – a dedication to leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

However, Tirupur Runners is not just about running; it’s a lifestyle movement with a singular motive – to promote fitness and health within the community. The club’s journey is one of inspiration, where each stride becomes a inspiration for others to follow in embracing a healthier lifestyle.

As the Tirupur Runners continue to inspire and grow, the invitation is extended to join this energetic community. Embrace a healthier lifestyle, evoke a sense of community, and become a part of the Tirupur Runners journey – where every step is a celebration of vitality, and every run is a commitment to well-being.

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Important Dates

  • Registration Start Date 01st Dec 2023
  • Event Date 17th Mar 2024


Registration Fees

  • 10K - Tirupur Runners Marathon 2024 900 Exc.
  • 21K - Tirupur Runners Marathon 2024 900 All Inc.
  • 5K - Tirupur Runners Marathon 2024 550 Exc.

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