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Indian Road Races - Bounces Back

Indian Road Races - Bounces Back

Indian Road Races Industry Bounces Back

“The Indian running industry has shown resilience through the Covid-19 pandemic and is bouncing back”, said P. Venkatraman, Founder and CEO of YouTooCanRun while releasing the “RaceMart ‘India Road Races’ Annual Report 2019-22”.

The running industry went through the pandemic and is recovering in a U-curve. This reflects the international trends across all events in the running industry. The running event industry has also shown a marked resilience through the pandemic period.

Compared to 2019 when there were 528 events with 546177 timed finishers, in 2022 the 700 events reflected 336686 timed finishers. While the aggregate participation in Road Races dropped, the top 15 events showed a drop in registration numbers on an event-on-event basis.

While the numbers were falling, the industry demonstrated a marked resilience with more than half the events being conducted in spite of Covid protocols. Event organisers adapted themselves and modified the events design to meet pandemic needs. Runners demonstrated a need to fulfil their passion of keeping healthy and fit.

The report has been compiled by RaceMart which is India’s leading Road Races data aggregator. The data includes various attributes not easily aggregated and is the most in-depth data of road races in India. Runners can use it to choose events and decide their next race. Event organisers can list their events and attract runners to grow their event. Brands can use the data to decide their go-to-market strategies based on a data driven approach.

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