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Hans Hyderabad Marathon 2023

Hans Hyderabad Marathon 2023 - 3 Edition

Event On - 10th Sep 2023

Registration Closed


The Hans Hyderabad Marathon is being organized in Hyderabad since 2018. 2023 will be our 3rd year that runners have been racing. The Hans
Hyderabad Marathon races consist of a Full Marathon (https://run.thehansindia.com/races/full-marathon), Half Marathon
(https://run.thehansindia.com/races/half-marathon), 10K Run (https://run.thehansindia.com/races/10k-run), and 5K Run
(https://run.thehansindia.com/races/5k-run). Our theme: “Creating Hope Through RUN”, which aims to discuss, inform, and raise awareness on
Mental health importance. World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day that is observed each year on September 10

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Important Dates

  • Registration Start Date 08th Sep 2023
  • Event Date 10th Sep 2023

Registration Fees

  • Marathon 2999 All Inc.
  • Half Marathon 2499 All Inc.
  • 10Km Run 1179 All Inc.
  • 5Km Run 499 All Inc.


  • Cash Prized 786500

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