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S.p.i.t. Marathon 2024

S.p.i.t. Marathon 2024 - 1 Edition

Event On - 10th Mar 2024




Embark on a collective journey where each step holds significance, transcending mere physical endurance to champion a noble cause—Mental Health Awareness. Welcome to the S.P.I.T. marathon, an event poised to make a substantial impact on the mental well-being of our diverse community.

In recognition of the universal challenges faced in academic, professional, and personal spheres, this marathon is more than a race; it's a concerted effort to shatter the silence surrounding mental health issues. Our united presence sends a resounding message: "We move forward together, support one another, and advocate for mental well-being."

This marathon serves as a catalyst for destigmatizing mental health, cultivating empathy, and fostering open dialogue. Each stride contributes to the creation of a community that places as much importance on mental wellness as it does on physical health.

Regardless of your running background, whether a seasoned athlete or a first-time participant, your involvement in the S.P.I.T. marathon contributes to cultivating a more compassionate and understanding community.

Join us on 10th March at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology and become a part of a movement extending beyond the finish line—a movement dedicated to embracing mental health, dismantling barriers, and fostering a culture of support and understanding.

Together, let's strive for wellness, one step at a time.

Races :

  • 5 Km Joy Run
  • 5 Km Timed Run
  • 10 Km Timed Run

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 10 Km Timed Run : 14 years and above (Born before 26th Feb 2010)
  • 5 Km Timed Run : 8 years and above (Born before 26th Feb 2016)
  • 5 Km Joy Run : Open for all


      *For participants below the age of 8, a consent form will have to be signed by their parent/guardian

Age Categories and Awards :

The following top runners of respective race and age categories will be felicitated with Cash Prize, Finisher Medal, E certificate and exciting goodies :

- 10km (Timed):

  • 18 - 30 years old    (Fastest 3 Male and Female) (Born before February 26, 2006)\
  • 31 - 50 years old    (Fastest 3 Male and Female) (Born before February 26, 1993)
  • 51 and above      (Fastest Male and Female)  (Born before February 26, 1973)

- 5km (Timed):

  • 18 - 30 years old   (Fastest 3 Male and Female)  (Born before February 26, 2006)
  • 31 - 50 years old    (Fastest 3 Male and Female)  (Born before February 26, 1993)
  • 51 and above      (Fastest Male and Female)    (Born before February 26, 1973)

- No cash prize will be awarded for participants under the age of 18 years old.

Refund Policy :

- In case of cancellation of the event due to reasons beyond our control, alternate options will be offered to registrants to participate in our upcoming events. It means the registration fee is not refundable but can be adjusted in our future events.

- No questions asked on refund policy: In case, a participant wants to withdraw from the event then he/she should inform the organizers at least 10 days before the event date, at sports@spit.ac.in to get a full refund.

Waiver statement:

Upon submission of this form, I certify that I am physically capable of taking part in the event and have undergone all required medical evaluations by a licensed medical professional. I am aware that there may be potential health risks associated with participating in this event. Therefore, I absolve the organizers of any liability for any harm or injury that may arise while participating in the race. Additionally, I confirm that I have thoroughly read and understood all the rules and regulations, and that all the information I provided on the registration form is accurate. I also grant permission to the organizers and affiliated entities to utilize event-related material, including photographs and videos, for promotional and advertising purposes without compensation. I agree that any loss of my personal belongings will be my own responsibility and not the organizers. Finally, I authorize the organizer to communicate with me via email, SMS, phone call, social media, and any other medium regarding the event, promotions, partners, and other relevant information.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Race timing will be recorded on mat - to - mat basis i.e. your timing starts/stops when you cross the start/finish line.

2. Registrations will close on 19th Feb 2024, at 11:59 PM or when the maximum limit of Running Places is filled in, whichever is earlier.

3. Participants must upload/submit a copy of their ID proof for age verification.

4. The discounted price for S.P.I.T. students is only for the existing S.P.I.T. students with a valid student id card. It is mandatory to upload the student id card as proof to avail of the discount.

5. The BIB allotted to the participant is non-transferable and requests for cancellation and thereby, a refund will not be entertained.

6. Snacks and refreshments will be served to all participants after the race. It is compulsory to show BIB for collecting snacks.

7. Finishers Medal will be given to each participant in all distance categories after finishing the race. It is compulsory to show BIB for collecting the finisher Medal.

8. E-certificates can be downloaded by the participant as soon as they are available on the website post the event.

9. The time limit for 5 km - 60 Minutes, 10 km – 100 Minutes. All support stations, volunteers and timing mats will be removed post this time cutoff.

10. All the runners should collect the bibs on the allotted day of collection, bibs will not be provided on the day of the event.

11. No cash prize will be awarded for participants under the age of 18 years old.

12. Prize money will be given after 45 days of the marathon.

FAQ : 

Q1 - When and where do I collect my running bib?

A - Bibs are to be collected 1-2 days before the event, the date and timings will be confirmed by the organizing team. Bibs are to be collected at the S.P.I.T. Entrance.

Q2 - What do I need to bring with me to collect my running bib? Can someone else collect?

A - Identification proof and screenshot of the verification mail are to be shown on the day of bib collection. Yes, someone else can collect your bib as long as they provide the required documents.

Q3 - I have made a mistake in my registration fields or have to make some changes. How do I correct it?

A - Mail the rectified details and the screenshot of the mistaken details to sports@spit.ac.in, and we will revert back for the same.

Q4 - I am an overseas applicant, can I apply for the race? What documents do I need?

A - Yes, you can apply for the Marathon. You need to bring your passport for the identification proof on the day of bib collection.

Q5 - Where can I find the results?

A - The timings will be conveyed through an SMS immediately after the race ends and your result will be uploaded in a few days after the event.

Q6 - Will I get my bib replaced or changed incase I loose it before or on the race day?

A- No replacement will be provided.

Q7 - Can I register on the event day?

A- Marathon runners cannot register for the event on the event day. All runners need to register for the marathon before the given deadline.

Q8 - Where can I check the route of S.P.I.T. Marathon 2024?

A- Route can be checked on our official Instagram page marathon_spit, sports_spit and rc_spit. We will be providing a detailed pamphlet regarding the Marathon on the day of bib collection.

Q9 - I am a runner with special needs. Where can I find out more about running with a guide?

A - The organizing team won't be allocating any volunteers in this case. It is a request to accompany the race with a guide.


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Important Dates

  • Registration Start Date 18th Feb 2024
  • Event Date 10th Mar 2024

Registration Fees

  • 10 Km Strive Run (Timed) 999 All Inc.
  • 5 Km Zen Run (Timed) 699 All Inc.
  • 5km Joy Run 499 All Inc.


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