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Shaheed Run 3.0 - Doon Valley Half Marathon

Shaheed Run 3.0 - Doon Valley Half Marathon - 3 Edition

Event On - 31st Mar 2024

Registration Closed


 Shaheed Run 3.0 - A Celebration of Unity and Patriotism (The Festival of Dehradun )

Join us for the 3rd edition of Shaheed Run, a marathon event like no other! Get ready to lace up your running shoes, embrace the spirit of unity, and pay homage to the supreme sacrificers of our nation. This year, we are determined to make it the Biggest Marathon Event in Dehradun, with a target of 5000 enthusiastic participants!

 Date: 31st March 2024

 Location: Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Shaheed Run is not just a marathon; it's an opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate the festival of athleticism and patriotism. The route will take you through the breathtaking Nature Beauty of mountains, providing a scenic and exhilarating experience like never before.

 Race Categories & Ticket Prices:

1️⃣ 21 KM Run: Rs 1500/-

- Includes a customized tank/singlet with your name printed on the back

- Finishing Medal to cherish your achievement

- Refreshments to recharge your energy

- Timed Bib for tracking your performance

- Winners Trophy for the top achievers

2️⃣ 10 KM Run: Rs 1100/-

- Stylish tank/singlet for your comfort

- Finishing Medal to commemorate your run

- Refreshments to keep you going strong

- Timed Bib to track your progress

- Winners Trophy for the champions

3️⃣ 5 KM Run: Rs 800/-

- Running tank/singlet for a trendy look

- Finishing Medal to cherish your accomplishment

- Refreshments to revitalize your spirits

- Timed Bib to monitor your time

- Winners Trophy for the best performers

4️⃣ 5 KM Fun Run: Rs 500/-

- Running tank/singlet to enjoy the experience

- Finishing Medal as a souvenir of your run

- Refreshments to keep you energized

- Non-timed Bib for a carefree run

5️⃣ 3 KM Fun Run: Rs 400/-

- Running tank/singlet for a casual run

- Finishing Medal to commemorate your achievement

- Refreshments to recharge your enthusiasm

- Non-timed Bib for a leisurely run

6️⃣ 1 KM Fun Run: Rs 199/-

- Finishing Medal to celebrate your participation

- Refreshments to keep you refreshed

- Non-timed Bib for a fun-filled run

 Early Registration Discounts:

We believe in encouraging early participation and avoiding last-minute hurdles. Register now to avail the following discounts:

 15th August = 50%

August = 45%

September = 40%

October = 35%

November = 30%

December = 25%

January = 20%

February = 15%

March = No Discounts

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of the Shaheed Run, where the whole town comes together to run for the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Let's create history together and make this marathon a glorious success! 

Register now on Townscript and secure your spot in the Festival of Dehradun - Shaheed Run! See you at the starting line! 

"Terms and Conditions"

• To get customized BIB register at least 10 days prior to the event date. • Registration with a discount is not transferable.

• BIB Expo will be on 1 day prior to the event at Venue only, there is no BIB Expo on event day.

• If anyone is collecting other's bibs he/she should have a consent letter from the participants then only we will hand over the BIB.

• There is no on-spot registration. • Exchange: Participants are not allowed to exchange their Timing BIBS with other participants. The BIB number assigned to each participant is unique and must be used only by that participant only, if anyone is found putting on another's bib he/she will be disqualified from the event.

• Put on BIB on Chest, it should be visible, if anyone is found with BIB on the back he/she will be disqualified from the winner's list.

• All the updates related to the event will be shared on the registered email id.

• Only registered participants are allowed to enter the venue.

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Important Dates

  • Registration Start Date 25th Mar 2024
  • Event Date 31st Mar 2024

Registration Fees

  • 21 KM Timed Run 1500 All Inc.
  • 10 KM Timed Run 1100 All Inc.
  • 5 KM Timed Run 600 All Inc.
  • 5 KM Fun Run 500 All Inc.
  • 3 KM Fun Run 400 All Inc.
  • 1 KM Fun Run ( Kids Run ) 199 All Inc.

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