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Green Run - 1st Edition

Mumbai 26 Nov, 2023 Registration Closed

About the Event

Welcome to Green Run, a marathon that goes beyond just running. Our mission is to create a sustainable event that not only promotes physical fitness but also raises awareness about the importance of recycling and sustainable living.


At Green Run, we believe that we have a responsibility to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. That's why we have made sustainability our top priority. We have partnered with plastic disposal and recycling organizations and businesses to ensure that our event is as eco-friendly as possible.


Green Run is designed to reduce our impact on the environment by implementing a waste management system that promotes recycling plastic and planting trees in our surroundings, ensuring that as little waste as possible ends up in landfills or incineration plants. 


We welcome runners of all levels, from beginners to experienced athletes, and we encourage everyone to participate in our sustainable practices. By participating in Green Run, you are not only supporting a healthier lifestyle but also helping to create a healthier planet.


Join us at Green Run, and let's make a difference together!


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10km 10 Km ₹ 1099
5km 5 Km ₹ 899
5km 5 Km ₹ 699
3km 3 Km ₹ 499
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