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Aaple Pune Cyclothon Season 3

Aaple Pune Cyclothon Season 3 - 3 Edition

Event On - 17th Mar 2024

Registration Closed


Cycling is the ideal way to counter that. We can think of making Pune a Cycling City with the help of THE MOST EFFICIENT HUMAN POWERED DEVICE - Bicycles! 

Terms & Conditions :- 

1. Wearing a Helmet while cycling is mandatory. Frontlight, Backlight, and Reflectors on the cycle are mandatory.

2. This is a Cyclothon event and not a race. The road closure is for a few km distances and a few crucial points only. So every participant is expected to take care of their safety at their own risk and riders have to follow all the traffic rules.

3. Though the event organizer will provide all support of Hydration, Medical, Technician, and Crew support, it is expected that if participants have any prior medical condition, they have to take suggestions from their family doctor about participation. 

4. Electric Bicycle is not allowed; they will be disqualified if any participant is found. 

5. Finisher medal and packed breakfast are distributed at the takeaway counter; participants are requested to follow social distancing while collecting the medal and breakfast. 

6. Medal and breakfast will be distributed at event time only.

7. BIB and EVENT KIT will be distributed on 16th March 2024 at Expo. Venue for the Expo will be announced after 10th of March 2024. Please note BIB and EVENT KIT will not be distributed on EVENT DAY. 

8. Participants will not be allowed without BIB at the holding area on the event day. 

9. In case of the event's date changes, the participant can claim the full refund at info@champendurance.com or existing registration will be carried forward to the new date. 

10. If the event gets cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances, the participant will get a full refund.

11. The organizer has the right to change the Venue, Route, and Event time as per the Municipal Corporation & Police Permission.

12. In case of any change in Event time, Venue and Route, we will notify you through email or the event website https://www.champendurance.com. For any queries, you can email us at info@champendurance.com 

13. Covid protocol applies as per current guidelines of Civic authorities and the Government of Maharashtra.

14. The designated healthcare provider(Medical Partner) for this event will offer services to participants without any charge until the conclusion of the event. If additional medical care is needed beyond the provided services, requiring admission to an in-patient department (IPD), the participant will be admitted to the nearest hospital. The participant or their relative must adhere to the admission and billing policies of that hospital. Any costs incurred for medical services during the participant's stay at the hospital will be the responsibility of the participant, in accordance with the prevailing policies of that hospital.

15. Once registration is done, it cannot be cancelled or transferred.

Participation Age Criteria 

Participation criteria based on completed participant age by March 17th 2024 are as follows:

For the 10km Ride: Participants must be 10 years old or older. 

For the 25km Ride: Participants must be 14 years old or older. 

For the 50km Ride: Participants must be 14 years old or older.

For the 100km Ride: Participants must be 16 years old or older.

Cut Off Time- The event has designated cut-off times for different distances: 

10km in 1:15 hours 

25km in 1:45 hours 

50km in 3:00 hours

100km in 5:30 hours

Participants must complete their rides within these timeframes. In case participants are unable to finish their ride within the specified cut-off time for their chosen distance, the event organisers are authorised to prevent them from continuing.

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Important Dates

  • Registration Start Date 01st Dec 2023
  • Event Date 17th Mar 2024


Registration Fees

  • 100k 1999 All Inc.
  • 50k 1499 All Inc.
  • 25k 1199 All Inc.
  • 10km 999 All Inc.


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