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Xl Runathon 2024 - Mumbai

Xl Runathon 2024 - Mumbai - 1 Edition

Event On - 03rd Mar 2024

Registration Closed


Race timings will be:

10K- 6:00 Am

5K- 6:15 Am

2K- 6:30 Am

Join the jubilant celebration of 75 glorious years of XLRI at the XL RUNATHON! Participants are invited to lace up their sneakers for a thrilling 10KM, 5KM, or 2KM run, happening across eight dynamic cities! Starting off in Bengaluru and ending in Pune, it's not just a run, it's a commemoration of XLRI's values, resilience, and commitment to the greater good.

But wait, there's more! The XL RUNATHON is not just a race, it's a race for a cause. Proceeds from the run will go towards providing free education for underprivileged individuals. Participant involvement transforms every step into an opportunity, ensuring a brighter future for those who need it most. Ready to be part of something bigger than yourself? Grab your tickets now and join in this joyous journey!


Q: When is the start time for each race category?

A: The race timings are: 10K: 6:00 Am 5K: 6:15 Am 2k: 6:30 Am. 

Q: When is the collection of bibs?

A: The collection date for the bibs will be sent via email closer to the event.. 

Rules & Regulations

Welcome to XL Runathon 2024 – run for the greater good! Before you dive into the excitement,

take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules and regulations:

General Guidelines:

- Official Application Modes: Stick to the application modes provided on our website for

submitting your entries.

- Respectful Conduct: We're all in this together! Abusive or rude behavior towards

organizers, volunteers, vendors, or third-party contractors will not be tolerated and may

result in participant bans.

- Non-Transferable Registration: Your BIB is your own – use only the one assigned to you.

- Valid Identification: Collect your race BIB at the specified location, date, and time. Bring

a valid photo ID and SMS/Email verification for collection.

- BIB Collection for Others: Collecting BIBs for friends? Ensure you have a consent letter

and photo ID from the registered participant.

- BIB Exchange Prohibited: Each BIB is unique; swapping with others is not allowed.

Participants caught wearing someone else's BIB will be disqualified.

- Proper BIB Placement: Wear your BIB on your chest for visibility. Avoid tampering and

folding for accurate measurements.

- Refund Clause: Familiarize yourself with the event's refund policy, including conditions

and any associated fees.

- Photo Release: Brace for the spotlight! Photos taken during the event may be used for

promotional purposes.

Plan Ahead:

- Health Caution: Your well-being matters! Run participation without proper training or with

illness/injury can be risky. Prioritize your health. Please do not forget to warm up.

- Minimal Baggage: For security reasons, travel light. Avoid bringing valuables; we're not

responsible for any loss. We do not have any storage space.

- Footwear and Apparel: Wear appropriate running shoes and comfortable,

moisture-wicking apparel suited for long-distance running. Break in your shoes before

the event.

Participation Rules:

- Individual Entries Only: We accept only individual entries for the 10K, 5K, and 2K


- Age Requirement: Check and adhere to the minimum age requirements for each race


- Personal Information: Provide accurate personal details, emergency contacts, and

relevant medical information during registration.

- Race Bib Visibility: Ensure your race bib is prominently displayed on your torso on the

front of your t-shirt during the entire race for accurate identification.

- Course Adherence: Follow the designated race course without taking shortcuts.

Deviating from the route will lead to disqualification.

- Start Time Adherence: Start the race at the designated time for your category. Late starts

may result in inaccuracies.

- Course Cut-off Times: Be aware of and adhere to any course cut-off times. Participants exceeding these times will be cleared from the track depending on the law and order permissions obtained.

- Sportsmanship: Maintain good sportsmanship throughout the event. Respect fellow

participants, volunteers, and event staff.

- Trash Disposal: Dispose of trash in designated bins along the course.

- Hydration Stations: Use designated hydration stations for water and refreshments. Avoid

impeding the flow of other runners.

- Race Officials' Instructions: Follow instructions from race officials, marshals, and

volunteers for a safe and organized event.

- Timing Mats: Cross all timing mats along the course to ensure an accurate recording of

your race time.

- Medical Assistance: Seek medical assistance if needed. Do not continue the race if you

are injured or unwell.

- Personal Audio Devices: If required, use personal audio devices responsibly, ensuring

awareness of your surroundings.

- Finish Line Protocol: Follow finish line protocols, including collecting your finisher's

medal and any other post-race procedures.

- Post-Race Gathering Area: Use the designated post-race gathering area to reunite with

family and friends. Avoid lingering in high-traffic areas.

- Event Feedback: Provide constructive feedback to the organizers after the race to help

enhance future events.

Timing Regulations:

- BIB Exchange Prohibited: Each timing BIB is unique; swapping is not allowed.

Disqualification awaits those wearing another's BIB.

- Results Publication: Official 10K and 5K race results will be posted on the event website

within 48 hours after official verification. Check the website for your recorded time.

- E-Certificates: Timed or not, all participants receive E-Certificates for event completion.

- Finisher's Medal: All 10K, 5K, and 2K Run participants will receive a Finisher's Medal


Prize Money:

1. Structure

- The race and age categories apply to men and women participants and are

subject to race rules and regulations.

- Race Category - Overall Fastest Men | Overall Fastest Women both in 10K & 5K.

- Age Category - 18 years to 22 years | 23 years to 49 years | 50+ years both men

and women in 10K and 5K.

2. Rules

- Prize money will be distributed to winners based on their official finishing times and

placements in their respective race categories.

- Participants who are disqualified for rule violations during or after the race may forfeit

their eligibility for prize money.

- To qualify for prizes, participants must ensure that their Bib tag timing is successfully

captured at all designated timing points along the course, including both the start and

finish mats. Incomplete or missing timing data at any point may result in disqualification

from prize eligibility.

- Participants achieving the title of the overall fastest runner will not be eligible for

additional age category prizes. In the event of a participant securing both the fastest

overall time and an age category win, only the highest-value prize will be awarded to

ensure fair distribution and equal opportunities across prize categories.

- The 2K run will not be timed or be eligible for prize money.

- The race director/organizer’s decision is final.

- All prize winners will be evaluated based on chip time.

- Finisher Medal Cut-off Time: to be eligible for the finisher medal, participants in all categories must complete the race by 8:30 am.

- Prize Qualification Cut-off Times: to qualify for prizes, participants in the 5K category must finish within 40 minutes, while those in the 10K category must finish within 60 minutes.

- Race Start Time Window: participants must commence the race within 20 minutes of their designated start time to be considered for prize eligibility.

- 10K Race Start Guidelines: for the 10K race starting at 6:00 am, participants must begin no later than 6:20 am to remain eligible for prizes.

- 5K Race Start Guidelines: participants in the 5K race, commencing at 6:15 am, should initiate the race by 6:35 am at the latest to maintain eligibility for prizes.

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Important Dates

  • Registration Start Date 12th Jan 2024
  • Event Date 03rd Mar 2024


Registration Fees

  • 10Km Run 700 All Inc.
  • 5Km Run 500 All Inc.
  • 2Km Run 500 All Inc.


  • Cash Prize 148999


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