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HDOR - 1000km/mile 2021 - 1st Edition

Virtual 01 Jan, 2021 Registration Closed

About the Event

HDOR - 1000km/mile 2021

Setting up a fitness goal is your first step towards achieving it.

Running 1,000 km / 1,000 miles in the year requires high level of dedication through the year where you will be averaging about 2.74 km / 2.74 miles for every day of the year, no mean feat. A distance which can challenge the most experienced of runners.

Run 1000 Km / 1000 Miles in 2021 is part of our HDOR 2021 Distance Challenges.

How Do I Participate?

Take on the challenge

Make a note of how many km you need to average on a daily or weekly basis to achieve finisher status.

Run during the year

Run your selected distance anytime between Jan 1st to Dec 31st to meet the finisher criteria for the event.

Run anywhere, anytime

Being a virtual event, you are free to run where you want, when you want without being bound by any time restrictions.

Submit your run data

Submit your run data on event website or app, compare your results with other participants. We can import your run data automatically!


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Title Distance Pricing
1000k 1000 Km ₹ 999
1000miles 1000 Km ₹ 999
Registration Closed!

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